Building a Studio

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An Artist's Guide to Building a Studio

Roofing to Painting

The third weekend of building was dedicated to decking the trusses and roofing. I do not like heights and was happy when we finished the ridge vent and could come down off of the roof. At this point the structure was dried in and I could start doing things inside it after work during the week like roughing out the electical.

Here I am using the "fine adjustment" 2 lbs. hammer installing the door.

The garage door installtion took ALL day, next time I do this I'm hiring someone for this specialty task. The instructions that came with the door might as well have been in Chinese... the diagrams looked like they were.

The vinyl siding went up pretty quickly, but the prepwork that had to be done before you can start installing it took much longer than we thought it would. Lucky for me, we had a unusually warm couple of weekends in January of 2007. Vinyl gets difficult to work with when it's cold and will crack if you don't handle it with care.

25 sheets of drywall delivered right to the roll up door, this stuff is heavy folks.

For those of you who don't already know, drywall sheets are really heavy. Drywall hanging was one of my least favorite jobs.

Here I am on working on one of many coats of mud, now it's starting to look like a room. Mudding took several nights to complete. I think I worked 6 back to back 17 hour days between working my real job and finishing the electrical and finishing the drywall. Still, mud work seemed more like art than many of the other parts of this project. I could at least day dream that I was going to be doing a fresco.

Primer goes up before the paint.

(Thanks go to my Dad, Jeremy, Tim, Bob, Rob, Monty, Larry, and my grandfather for all of their help!)


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